Information Technology

With our experience in environments of every scale, Alchemy has a broad and unique IT skill set that enables us to bring expertise and professionalism to all clients.



Because our anti-virus solution is cloud-managed, we can make adjustments wherever we are; in addition to centralized management, it creates additional client flexibility, reducing costs and headaches.


With base and inherited policies, it is trivial to create and manage them for an entire organization, different departments, or even individual users should the need arise.

Frontline Support

We use the same anti-virus internally that we provide to clients, so we know it cold. We also support it directly, and don't forward calls to the vendor.


Real People, Real Prevention

Automation is great and we love it too, but when it comes to our clients and their operations, we believe in having a real person review everything. So, we do - once every morning, bright and early, before you're even awake.


Problems and issues are often symptomatic; because we have a real person doing the review each day, we spot the patterns so you don't have to.


It doesn't do any good to only point out that there is a problem - so when we bring an issue to your attention, we'll be sure and bring the solution, as well.


Administration / Management

Because most productivity suites are integrated with user identities for billing purposes, we'll manage all of this on your behalf and make sure you're not spending money where you don't need to be.

Add-ins / Extensions

We use add-ins, and you probably do to. Most providers shy away from add-ins or extensions, but we embrace anything that can help you be more productive.


As with all software, your productivity software should look, feel, and function the way you want it to. If you have specific requirements, we'll make sure all users have what they need.

These are only the highlights!

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