As workplace complexity increases, so does the technology involved - in contrast, Alchemy delivers simplicity and peace of mind without sacrificing functionality.


Because office environments come in many varieties, the Spectrum plan is crafted to cater to any environment, while also providing only what you need to avoid unnecessary costs. And because we offer all of our services to every client, you decide what you need, and what you pay for.
If you're unsure what you need, we've got you covered there as well - Alchemy will provide a demonstration of any product or service, so you get to see what best fits your unique environment.

Standard Offerings

Upon request or as needed, all clients may utilize any of our standard offerings, or choose not to. It's there if and when you need it.

Try IT

If you're unsure about a particular solution we offer or support, we'll provide a full demonstration as required, and you can try it out. A great product sells itself.

Custom Software

Office and business environments are most prone to the "custom software" dilemma - an archaic system that works, but no one remembers how. We'll figure it out, give you documentation, and plan a transition to a modern equivalent.

Scheduled Walkthroughs

At Alchemy, we don't believe in being the ghost in the machine - which is why we'll schedule recurring visits to put a face to the magic. Rumors persist that coffee may follow us.

Still unsure?

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