Software Development

True to our name, Alchemy thrives in the metamorphic environment of development - we bring order to the chaos, and find value wherever it exists.



A problem that cannot be defined cannot be solved. Alchemy researches and involves all stakeholders to uncover the actual problem, and a holistic solution.


With infinite resources, anything is possible; so, the question then becomes what the restrictions are. We will discover these as well and incorporate them into the design.


Milestones are built into the design not only to provide points of reference for progress, but also times when builds will be made available for review, user acceptance testing, and in situ modifications.


Even the most well thought-out designs are led astray; to this end, Alchemy will implement a mock version before signing off on any design.



With milestones built into the design, you'll have access to preview builds so you can identify any issues, and we can resolve them.

Documentation / Testing

The most important lessons, while free, are often quite bitter. To that end, we document and test as we go, and all material is made available on completion.

Code Review

An integral process of implementation, it's often easier to spot issues in someone else's code. All stakeholders with an interest are invited, as well.

User Training

Great software is not great if no one knows how to use it. Alchemy won't just deliver great software, we'll create educated users.


Free Support

At Alchemy, we believe in ourselves and those around us - especially our clients. For one month following delivery, all support is free.


Success has a thousand fathers, while failure is an orphan. Alchemy owns all of our mistakes, and we'll prioritize any fixes for software we create.


In the event another party will assume the support role, we ensure they have all the resources and knowledge available to succeed.

We don't only do development, though!

For a complete listing of all products and services, please see here.

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