When it comes to the web, Alchemy is a full-stack shop: design, development, scripting, database administration, caching, and everything in-between.


Site Monitoring

Our automated monitoring will not only make sure the site is up, but also test and verify specific features important to the site.

Design / Redesign / Update

New or existing, Alchemy will gather all specifications first, present a design or update, and create a website that is true to your vision.


Websites do not maintain themselves, and it is often the case that upgrades will leave them broken. Alchemy audits all upgrades, and verifies them pre/post deployment.


Whether it's social media or other services, most websites utilize some integrations. At Alchemy, we monitor and maintain them so your website always runs at peak efficiency.


Server Monitoring

As servers will often show symptoms before crashing, Alchemy doesn't just monitor the system, we monitor the different components' performance and overall health.

Performance & Optimization

We love details, obscure options, and caching - when we're finished optimizing your site, it will load so fast it'll go back in time and visit you.


Not limited to the frontend by any means, backend integrations tend to be more complex and easily misconfigured. Alchemy will verify existing configurations, and optimize where possible.


Whether your moving from in-house to a typical hosting provider, or to the cloud, Alchemy will not only plan and execute the migration, we'll see if there's any free lunches along the way.

We don't just do websites, we do ecosystems.

For a complete listing of all products and services, please see here.

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